Introduce yourselves

Active with family, friends, and work, we have had many blessings in our lives, including wonderful children, grandchildren, friends and passions.

How did you become Friends of Eli’s Place?

We have always been admirers of our friends David and Deborah Cooper, and their lifelong commitment to community.  We know that from the tragedy of their son’s illness, will arise hope for many others.

How have you been involved with Eli’s Place?

We were privileged to share their first vision of Eli’s Place over wings and beer, and we wanted to be on board immediately to support it. We realize the importance of community and how critical support is for those with mental illness and so we give to Eli’s Place each year to ensure this dream becomes a reality.

What would you like to add to the conversation about mental health? 

Mental health issues affect every family to some degree, including our own.  However, it’s often difficult to figure out how to help; David and Deborah have provided a pathway.

What does our tagline “Where Recovery Grows” mean to you?

Where Recovery Grows is a message of hope.  Like seeds in a garden, plants can flourish with the right care and environment. So can people.