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Karen Minden on Evidence Based Mental Illness Treatment in Ontario

Meet Karen Minden, C.M., PhD 

One has only to read the notes on the Governor General of Canada’s website to learn why Karen Minden was awarded the Order of Canada in 2010. Part of the biographical note on the GG’s site reads: “With compassion and determination, Karen Minden has provided hope for youth in crisis and their families. She is co-founder and chief executive officer of the Pine River Institute, a holistic residential treatment centre for teens struggling with mental health issues and substance abuse. Highly regarded for making the Institute a pioneer in measuring treatment results, she has also contributed to policy development related to teens and addictions in several provinces.” 

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Dr Joanna Henderson on Advancing Care of Emerging Adults with Mental Illness

Meet Dr Joanna Henderson, PhD

Dr Joanna Henderson is fortunate to play many roles in the field of mental health. A clinical psychologist by training, her work is focused on youth and emerging adults aged 12-25. She is a Senior Scientist in the Child, Youth & Emerging Adult program at CAMH and Executive Director of the McCain Centre at CAMH. Currently leading four federally funded studies, Dr Henderson is directly engaged in shaping the policies and practices that impact young adults with mental health challenges. 

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Susan Meikle: “It’s an interesting time to be in healthcare!”

Meet Susan Meikle

An Occupational Therapist by training, Susan Meikle has 45 years of professional experience; currently she is the Executive Director Toronto North Support Services. One of the services she leads provides “a doorway” of access to 53 provider services for upwards of 7,000 referrals a year.

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Meet Carol Cowan-Levine: Mental Health Professional and Eli’s Place Board Chair

Introduce yourself 

I am a  Registered Social Worker and Registered Psychotherapist (RP) currently in private practise. Throughout my professional career and in my volunteer work I’ve been invested in promoting excellence in healthcare with a focus on improving the health and well being of people whose voices and needs have not always been heard, understood or supported.

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Meet Karen Goldenberg: Mental Health Advocate and Friend of Eli’s Place

Karen Goldenberg

Introduce yourself 

I’m a passionate advocate for community mental health services and have devoted my professional career, in leadership roles at COTA and ARF (now CAMH), and my personal life, to creating a better world for people with mental health challenges. 

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