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How to Use Music as a Tool to Lift Your Mood

Woman listening to musicOf all the resources that can uplift your mood, music is one of the most easily accessible. You don’t need a doctor’s appointment, a therapist, or any fancy programs. Music can be accessed on the internet from computers and mobile devices, on CDs and cassettes from the library, and on the radio as you drive to work. What many don’t realize is that putting on your favourite tune can do more than just entertain you. It can help you manage your emotions and lift your mood.  

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A Letter to our late son, Eli Nathan Cooper

August 4, 1979 – July 2, 2010

Dearest Eli,

It has been ten years since you died from suicide. Ten years since your pain ended and ours took on new, unimagined depth. Ten years since we became suicide loss survivors on a nightmarish journey to find our way through this mire of complex grief. The world was out of focus; we struggled to make sense of something that was inexplicable.

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Men’s Mental Health in 2020

Mental illness doesn’t see gender, age, ethnicity, or income level. It does not discriminate. Yet, due to societal norms and conditioning, men may be less likely to reach out for help. There are also unique risk factors that contribute to the prevalence of males with mental illness.

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Major Depressive Disorder in Young Adults

Depression is an incredibly common yet often misunderstood mental illness that affects 1 in 4 Canadians. There are several different types of depression, one of which is  Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). Unfortunately, the stigma around mental health, and depression in particular, makes those experiencing it continue to suffer in silence. 

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Build a Tower of Song – Help Build Eli’s Place

Presenting a Canadian icon: Mr. Leonard Cohen!

As we celebrate Canada Day while maintaining social distance, Eli’s Place is offering an event to share with your family and friends. Join Dr. Mike Daley as he tells Cohen’s life story and performs a few of his greatest songs in a lively and fascinating presentation.

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