From research to action

After years of research and joined by team of leaders in the mental health field, a study was completed in 2016 solidifying the Eli’s Place model.

The core elements


Earlier research had led to the development of a Theory of Change that identified the Core Elements of Eli’s Place:

  • residential care,
  • therapeutic community,
  • integrated treatment,
  • skill development, and
  • graduated transition

The Core Elements are expected to realize immediate gains for participants including decreases in symptoms of mental illness and substance use, improved relationships, and skill development. In the longer term we expect participants will experience fewer hospital admissions, a more successful transition from treatment to the community, and improvements in work, living situation and quality of life.

Meaningful results

The 2016 evidence based study set out to determine the effect of the Core Elements on treatment outcomes. After analyzing peer reviewed results and evaluating reports from 33 centres abroad with a model of care similar to Eli’s Place, the review concluded that the Core Elements improved outcomes individually, and in combination and that the innovative milieu approach provides a promising treatment option for young adults with serious mental illness with or without substance issues.

Today, Eli’s Place has amassed a team that is advancing on a strategic plan to open the doors of Eli’s Place in April 2024. 


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