Fundraising for Eli’s Place: It’s Easier Than You Think!

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Interested in supporting Eli’s Place in a bigger way?  Join a growing number of supporters who have raised awareness and funds for Eli’s Place, and had fun doing it! Wondering if you’re up to the challenge?  It’s easier than you think. Get your creative juices flowing with the helpful ideas below. Then, get in touch.  Our Eli’s Place fundraising volunteer team is ready to help.

Start by linking your event to things you and your friends enjoy:

  • Fitness: Set a goal with friends or co-workers and count steps, laps, or kilometres.
  • Cooking or Baking: Create your own Master Chef competition or a Bake Off. Consider a local “celebrity” guest.
  • The Environment: Can you master the “mason jar challenge” for 1 month or longer? Ask for donations and chart your progress online.
  • Facts & Arguments: Host a Trivia night at home or at your local watering hole. Or host a debate for fun or information.
  • Leisure: Plan an all-ages or adult-only board game evening of fun with your friends and family.
  • Giving It Up: Give up the price of a coffee or a donut each day for a week.

Or scan through this list to find something that speaks to you:

  • Hosting a dinner? Suggest each guest donate the cost of dinner out
    or donate in lieu of a hostess gift.
  • Buddy Up For Brunch. Arrange a sunrise walk and serve brunch at the end. A donation is the price to join the fun. 
  • Make your birthday a virtual event! Suggest a $1 donation for every year you are old! 
  • Are you a recipe maven? Share your secret recipe with everyone who donates $25. 
  • Great at crafts, cooking, or fixing things? Host a get-together where you share your tips.  
  • Club Clout: Ask your book club members to donate $10 at each meeting ($20 if they didn’t read the book and $30 if they miss the get-together).
  • Looking for the fun factor? Just think of your favourite things. From chocolate to pyjamas and 80s hair, it doesn’t take much to ramp up the fun. 
  • Ready to put some skin in the game? Offer to match the total donated and watch donations grow. Or, you could donate $10 for every person who contributes to the cause – it can really lift results.

Next, join forces! There’s no need to do it all yourself. 

Improving the lives of those with mental illness is important. People want to help and people enjoy sharing experiences and making memories! There are oodles of ideas out there – take a look here and find one that suits you. Need planning help? WikiHow offers a good starting place, as does this post from CanadaHelps. Even more, detail can be found in other resources like this one. Whatever you land on as your fundraising idea, anytime is the perfect time to take action and raise money for a cause you believe in as a Friend of Eli’s Place.

Then, have fun. Here’s what recent fundraisers for Eli’s Place have to say. 

“I am so proud of my community for coming together and raising nearly $20,000 in support of Eli’s Place.  It started off as a little idea to throw a party and it quickly grew into a big celebration including a silent and live auction.  I couldn’t believe how many people showed up on a Tuesday night!! The more people I spoke to about what I was planning, the more members of my community asked how they too could get involved. It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we work together. “

— Joanna Perlmutar

“I couldn’t be happier with how the Spin for Recovery 2019 event turned out! What began as an idea to host a small event grew far beyond any of our expectations. Twenty-nine amazing people worked up a sweat and raised $13,000 for Eli’s Place. The energy and excitement on the bikes was extraordinary, and the support from Eli’s Place to host the fundraiser ensured our success.”  

–Sheree Shapiro

Read more about past fundraiser events supporters like you organized on behalf of Eli’s Place here.

Ready to get started?  We’re here to help!

Contact us today so we can share your enthusiasm, help you generate ideas, and set you up with an online page to make fundraising easy.  We’ll even help with communications for launching your event, keeping the momentum going, and thanking everyone when it’s all done! 

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