Help us Build the Future of Mental Health Care in Canada!

It will take a multimillion dollar sum to design, build, and operate Eli’s Place. Will you join our Founders Campaign to kickstart community support to establish this much-needed facility in Canada?

Eli’s Place Residential Treatment Centre will offer a range of programs for young adults 18 to 35 years of age who have serious mental illness and often concurrent substance abuse issues. The first of its kind in CanadaEli’s Place will provide a therapeutic, rural environment where participants develop the required skills to recover from their illness, as well as life and work strategies to ensure a successful transition back to the community.

It will take a multimillion dollar sum to design, build, and operate Eli’s Place. As a result, the Founders Campaign is a drive to kickstart community support for this much-needed facility for young adults in Canada.

By making a gift of $1,000 or more in the year, through a single donation or smaller installments each month, a donor will become a Founder – a special group of people who are helping to establish this much-needed place for young adults who have mental health and addiction issues. For more information on how you can support us through the Founders Campaign, please get in touch with us at

THANK YOU to Debby Kassoy and Kenneth Beck, PhD who have become our first Founders Campaign donors:

“We are honoured to support Eli’s Place by making a gift to the Founders Campaign. This important recovery based program is being created to fill a desperate need for young adults in our community who are suffering from mental illness and often a concurrent addiction. We hope you will join us on this journey.” – Debby Kassoy and Kenneth Beck, PhD

You can read their full heartfelt statement of support for Eli’s Place  online here.

If you wish to become a Founder of Eli’s Place or want more information about the Founders Campaign, please get in touch with us at You can also make an online donation here:

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