Helpful Tools for Coping With Anxiety

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Do you struggle with coping with anxiety during the pandemic? If so, you’re not alone. Social distancing can be hard to adapt to and working on the frontlines can cause your anxiety to skyrocket. Fortunately, there are lots of excellent tools to help you cope. 

Do you feel you need some solutions right away? Help is available online

The following resources are great for those seeking immediate relief – no waiting for referrals, just the coping tools you need on the spot.

The first is BounceBack Ontario from the Canadian Mental Health Association. BounceBack is a tool designed for Canadians to reclaim their mental health by learning new coping skills. You’re not left to your own devices to learn these skills; instead, you can work with a trained BounceBack coach to guide you over the phone. Coaching videos for you to watch and learn from are also provided. What skills can you learn? Everything from better sleeping habits to problem-solving to managing your mood. 

The second tool is WellCan created by the Canadian Mental Health Commission along with corporate and community partners. You can arrange a diagnostic screening for depression and general anxiety, as well as use their mental health toolkits to help maintain a positive mindset. How can you access all these useful resources? Through the free WellCan app. It’s compatible with both Android and IOS and is perfect for on-the-go coping assistance. 

A third resource for on-demand relief is the Wellness Together Canada portal. This tool provides information and connections to qualified mental health professionals when you need them. It’s designed for anyone struggling with mental illness or substance use, especially during the pandemic. You simply fill out the questionnaire and the portal will supply you with resources catered to your situation. If you need immediate support you can also text their wellness hotlines. 

What if your situation is less acute? 

Understanding the root of your challenges allows you to find ways to address them. Doing some independent research into what you’re experiencing can bring you peace of mind and resources to get relief. 

One amazing resource for Canadian youth is This organization launched an online hub of credible information and resources for youth who are experiencing mental illness, specifically during the COVID-19 pandemic. But, you don’t need a diagnosis to find this content useful. Read up on the different mental illnesses, their common misconceptions, and how to know when you should seek help. Browsing their Resource Page can help you understand what you’re experiencing and find the help you need. They also have a directory of provincial and national support providers you can reach out to. 

Another great online resource is NEABPD. This organization provides information and resources to those with Borderline Personality Disorder and their loved ones. However, their content is also useful for anyone struggling with emotional regulation. Emotional regulation is a common symptom of mood disorders, but it’s a symptom that can be managed. NEABPD has lots of free webinars for you to watch and learn from. They cover topics like Skills for Surviving a Pandemic and Radical Acceptance. These topics apply to everyone, not just those with mental illness!

If you’re coping with anxiety, you’re not alone

Always remember you don’t have to cope with your anxiety alone. There are plenty of resources available to you right now that can provide you with relief and reassurance. You can also visit our blog post on five ways to cope with anxiety for more ideas. 

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