Navigating the Loss of a Child – David & Deborah Cooper on Starts With Me Podcast

Elis Cooper

“Sharing our story is so much more than just telling people what has happened in our lives and where we’ve come from…because we hope it’s not just in memory of our son, but also for so many families who are dealing with mental health issues and mental illness. It’s quite the battle, quite the struggle, quite the journey. So every time we share our story we hope that others will learn and be able to benefit from what we have to say.” – Eli’s Place co-founder Deborah Cooper on Starts With Me podcast

Eli’s Place co-founders David and Deborah Cooper sat down with Mike Stroh on Starts With Me podcast to share their journey of loss and hope after losing their son, Eli, to suicide in July of 2010. They discuss their recently published book, Bridge Over the River Why, which is a guidebook for parents or for anyone coming to terms with the loss of a loved one to suicide.

They also share their vision for launching Eli’s Place, what will be Canada’s first rural residential treatment centre for young adults struggling with mental illness. As you will learn in the podcast interview below, their son Eli himself voiced that he would have benefitted from such a therapeutic environment, rooted in the recovery model of treatment.

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