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Hope and Healing: The efficacy of a farm based therapeutic community for those with serious mental illness

Image of snowy farm fieldRural. Residential. Recovery based. These are the 3 Rs of the Eli’s Place model.  It’s a place that helps young adults with serious mental health challenges (such as major depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and other serious mental health challenges) to rebuild and regain their lives.

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Family Connections This Holiday Season

Picture of people dressed for the holidaysThe holidays can be a challenging time for anyone experiencing mental illness, anyone who has lost a loved one, and anyone with strained familial relationships. This year presents additional layers of stress as COVID precautions prevent typical social gathering. It’s important to soak in the benefits of social connection  – and there are many –  but not at the risk of your physical and mental health. 

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One Family’s Story: Seeking Legacy and Hope

The Grosman's January 2017

January 2017

I remember thinking I can’t fall apart until I get home. We were in Israel when we got the news that Andy had taken his life. We were shocked and grief stricken.  

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An important letter from our Board Chair

Dear Friends,

If I were six years old, I might say what a yucky year this has been and If I were 76 years old I might reflect on what a lonely, frightening, profoundly unsettling time it has been;  and for all those in between, indeed difficult, difficult, difficult! Certainly, none of us could ever have anticipated either the myriad of challenges or the magnitude of distress we have all faced.

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Sam, By Constantina Venetis

Picture_Constantina_ValentisAlong with my therapist,

We gave her a name,

so I could think I was sane,

I referred to her as Sam.

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