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Emerging from the pandemic stronger

We emerge from a year of unprecedented pandemic-related challenges stronger and closer to opening the doors of Eli’s Place. We’re thrilled to share the vital work that you made possible.

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Finding What Speaks to You: Poetry as Therapy

How apt that the theme of Poetry Month 2021 is resilience. The League of Canadian Poets has lots to explore on its website including the popular “Poem in Your Pocket Day” which falls on April 29th. How wonderful that Canada has a League of Canadian Poets!

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The Realities of Compassion Fatigue 

In the spring of 2018, I attended my first mental health conference at Queen’s University led by their chapter. At the time, I was grieving the recent suicide of my best friend and starting to become passionate about mental health advocacy. After a few group workshops and presentations, one keynote speaker came on stage to talk to us about “compassion fatigue”- two words that instantly changed my life.

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Body Dysmorphic Disorder

It’s normal to feel an occasional lack of confidence in your appearance or to have insecurities about your body. However, for some, these insecurities can become obsessions that detract from the ability to live a fulfilling life, also known as Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). Here, we’ll explore what BDD is and how it can be treated.

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‘Navigating’ the System: A Mother’s Story

Navigating the mental health system was difficult for us – ultimately it was tragic.  We began when my son was 6. He was tested to see if he was epileptic because he’d get so excited that he’d shake. He was not. 

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