One Family’s Story: Seeking Legacy and Hope

I remember thinking I can't fall apart until I get home. We were in Israel when we got the news that Andy had taken his life. We were shocked and grief stricken.  

We are not alone in our grief. Too many young Canadians are taking their lives. Suicide is still the leading health-related cause of death for young people in Canada. More than 1 in 7 young people report having suicidal thoughts. This year, 150,000 will act on their thoughts by attempting suicide, and, for hundreds of them, the attempt will be fatal.

That is why when we heard about Deborah and David Cooper’s vision for Eli’s Place, we wanted to be part of making a difference. We wanted to do what we could to turn tragedy into hope. We hope you will join us in supporting Eli’s Place.

The dream is to launch Canada’s first rural residential long-term treatment centre for young adults with serious mental illness; a supportive therapeutic community that promotes recovery and resilience through the acquisition of life and work skills.

We wish that a facility like Eli’s Place had been available to Andy. 

The Eli’s Place approach is evidence based and rooted in the most current medical science. It addresses all the important components of healing: relationship, community, compassion, therapeutic care, and skill building in a natural environment.

Everybody knows Eli’s Place is needed. 

We are so passionate about the vision and confident that Eli’s Place will provide hope for both young adults who are experiencing mental health challenges and for their families.

They suffer, the family suffers, everyone suffers … 

This past year has been difficult, but with your help there is hope.  As the holidays approach, please take a moment to join us in making a generous donation in support of Eli’s Place. Your donation will help make Eli’s Place a reality and help to give countless young people the wonderful gift of a hopeful future. We hope to hear from you soon!

Our warmest wishes,

Jeanette and Dr. Harvey Grosman

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This March, CanadaHelps will make an additional one-time donation of $20 for every new monthly gift of $20 or more in support of Eli’s Place!*