Our May Match for Hope Campaign was a Resounding Success!

Thank you to our visionary matching donors, Avanti Foundation, Crowe Soberman LLP and Dr. Susan Joyce and Dr. John Kingdom who matched $25,000 of the funds raised.

We would also like to thank Jordan who shared his experience finding residential care in the United States when nothing was available in Canada. His story helped to reinforce both the benefit of long term residential care and the great need for the residential treatment model Eli’s Place will deliver. In Jordan’s words: 

My time in residential treatment was quite literally life changing. I highly recommend the creation and further development of rural residential treatment options, such as Eli’s Place, here in Canada…… The outcomes possible when pairing patients with the proper tools and supports cannot be overstated.

Obviously his words resonated with our community as we surpassed our fundraising goal!  We are so grateful for the many donors who gave over $37,000 in donations. 

Along with donations we received several personal notes which mean the world to us. 

Helen wrote: “Eli’s Place is so necessary and long overdue in Canada. I will continue to support it financially as much as I can over the coming years.” Bunny and Ken wrote: “Please know that we will support this amazing strategic plan in whatever way we can… The concept seems to be something that will revolutionize mental health care and, given the amazing team that you have put together, we know that the guests, their families and society will all benefit greatly from the services you envision.”

Finally, we would like to pay tribute to our enthusiastic and energetic fundraising committee: Ellis Katsoff, Deborah and David Cooper, Arla Hamer, Deb Kassoy, Ken Postill, Sara Azarshahi; Shannon Craig; and Mikhael Bornstein. 

With individual donations, the matching gifts and a lot of hard work, we raised $62,781.00! 

Eli’s Place will be a farm-based residential treatment centre helping adults aged 18-35 who have been diagnosed with serious mental illness. As we envision Eli’s Place, we anticipate that yoga will play an important role supporting the journey from mental illness to hopeful futures.

Thank you for your continued support of Eli’s Place.  Together we will open the doors of Eli’s Place. Where Recovery Grows. 

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This March, CanadaHelps will make an additional one-time donation of $20 for every new monthly gift of $20 or more in support of Eli’s Place!*