Our Team

A growing, mission-drive team

Equipped with the skills and experience to open the doors of Eli’s Place.

Our Mission

Eli’s Place is a rural, residential long-term treatment centre for young adults with serious mental illness. Our supportive therapeutic community promotes recovery and resilience through the acquisition of life and work skills.

A mission-driven team with the skills and experience to open the doors of Eli’s Place.

Our highly accomplished team includes a committed Board of Directors bringing diverse and highly relevant skills and experiences to the table; an Executive Director with a proven track record in the development of innovative mental health programs; a Professional Advisory Council made up of pre-eminent healthcare leaders and practitioners in the area of mental illness, and a Peer Advisory Council comprised of passionate young adults committed to mental wellness.

Eli’s Place has attracted a committed and growing group of dedicated volunteers. They bring a diversity of life experiences to their volunteering at Eli’s Place on marketing, communications, and fundraising. The Peer Advisory Council  is comprised of a group of dedicated young adults who have lived experience and are committed to making Eli’s Place a reality.

Our Volunteers & Peer Advisory Council

What Leading Mental Illness Practitioners Have to Say


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