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our Executive Director

Naguib Gouda

A seasoned executive leader, Naguib has a proven track-record for helping non-profit organizations grow and advance on their mission.

Naguib has served as Executive Director of CultureLink and has held senior leadership positions with the Healthcare Supply Chain Network, Career Edge, the Alzheimer Society of Canada, the Ontario Medical Association, and York University. Prior to moving to the public and non-profit sectors, he held senior executive positions with the Bank of Montreal and Manulife.

Skilled in the areas of sustainability, transformation, strategy, governance and funding, Naguib has worked with public and not-for-profit bodies and associations to solve complex organizational problems. In addition to his professional experience, Naguib brings a lifelong commitment to volunteering and philanthropy. 

Consultancy Services

The understood need for Eli’s Place has allowed us to onboard an actively contributing team of almost 100 skilled volunteers and to secure extensive pro bono services during our pre-launch phase in the areas of legal, architectural, model, marketing, and fundraising support. We supplement this with strategic paid consultancy. Current and recent engagements include:

  • Governmental relations
  • Alternative financing analysis
  • Fundraising feasibility study
  • Social media management

Staffing for service

We have completed extensive planning and modeling work to develop our staffing needs. Our plan includes:

  • One year before launch: Full time Executive Director role
  • 9 months before launch: Onboard 5 Senior Management Team members (HR, Finance, IT, Evaluation, Clinical)
  • 6 months before launch: 6 Clinical positions & 8 Operating roles (Psychologist, Social Workers, OT, RT, NP, Residential Advisors, Transition Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, Kitchen staff, Farm Manager & Nork Team Leaders, Property Manager).
  • 3 months before launch: 3 Administrative positions, 5 Clinical positions & 8 Operating positions.
  • Full staff: 35 supporting all aspects of service with 24×7 presence.

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