There are many ways to help

It’s time to close the gap in our care of young adults with serious mental illness. Effective treatments are available around the world. It’s time to make them available in Canada through Eli’s Place.

Make a one-time gift

Take us one step closer to open doors at Eli’s Place. It’s time to fill the treatment gap and bring this proven-effective treatment program to young Canadians with serious mental illness.

Become a monthly donor

Plant seeds of hope each month for those living with serious mental illness. Your monthly gift provides reliable funding so we can best realize our vision.

Make a tribute gift

Donate in honour or in memory of someone special to you and announce your life-changing gift to Eli’s Place with a beautiful, personalized eCard. Your donation amount will remain confidential.

Donate securities

Donate securities or mutual funds that have appreciated in value, rather than cash, and eliminate the capital gains tax. It’s the most cost-effective way to give: Eli’s Place will receive a larger gift and you’ll benefit from a larger tax credit.

Start a fundraiser

Fundraise for Eli’s Place for your next birthday, holiday party, or personal challenge, or for any or no reason at all! Your fundraiser will help young adults move from mental illness to hopeful futures.

Leave a gift in your will

Leave a gift in your will. Choosing to remember Eli’s Place in your will is the perfect way to make a meaningful difference and bring recovery and resiliency to the lives of young Canadians with serious mental illness today and in the years to come.

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When recovery matters, every gift matters


Does your employer offer a workplace giving program?

Thousands of Canadian employers do: from matching employee donations to United Way campaigns that can be directed to Eli’s Place. These programs may be the easiest way to give and to give more. Ask your Human Resources Department what’s available.

Prefer to make a gift by cheque?

Please make your cheque payable to Eli’s Place and mail to 2 Edith Drive, Suite #703, Toronto, Ontario M4R 2H7. A charitable tax receipt will be issued for all donations of $10.00 or more.

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