Reflections & Mental Health Tips for the New Year from Members of our Team

At Eli’s Place, we encourage our community to practice mindful reflection and gratitude in the spirit of mental and physical wellbeing. With 2023 well underway, we asked some of our team and community members to reflect and share some insights from the year just passed. As we begin the new year, perhaps we can apply some of their learning to support our own well-being. We hope their words will provide insight and optimism for 2023.
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Starting with this proven daily practice from Richard, Eli’s Place Volunteer:

“Every morning I tilt my attitude scale away from depression by writing in my gratitude journal. Bulleted entries list the previous day’s activities, interactions, results, reflections and lessons learned. I finish with a memory about my son Lucas, whom we lost to suicide.”

~ Richard, Eli’s Place Volunteer

(Did you know that keeping a gratitude journal is proven to reduce stress and increase feelings of overall well-being?)

“What I’ve learned in 2022 is that it is so important to make time to do the things you enjoy doing. As a mother and wife, I spend a lot of time taking care of my family and often my own needs and wants are pushed to the side. This does not work long term. In 2023, I will make self-care a top priority.” 

~ Debi, Eli’s Place Senior Administrator

“It’s important to practice gratitude on a regular basis and focus on what we do indeed have. It’s easy to want more, however, I challenge you to embrace what’s right in front of you.” 

~ Constantina, Eli’s Place Volunteer

“One of my key learnings throughout 2022 was that my mental health fluctuates constantly. If I’m having a bad day I find comfort in knowing that it won’t last forever.”  

~ Jake, Eli’s Place Peer Advisor 

“This year, I’ve deepened my awareness of my relationship with ‘control.’ When intrusive thoughts or overwhelming moments arise, I’ve learned to stop, check in, and most often, interrupt my inner self-talk with: “I can’t control that right now.”  
That slight shift in awareness has allowed me to create space for more accurate and empowering language between me and myself.” 

~ Corey, Eli’s Place Social Media Team 

“I have found that sometimes people are afraid to offer emotional support to others because they are worried they will say the wrong thing. Interestingly though, I also find that people never remember what people say to them when they offer support, just that they were there and that they were supportive. So the takeaway is just be there and people will appreciate it.” 

~ Joel, Eli’s Place Models Committee Chair 

“One way I have been learning to care for my mental health, especially as a new-ish therapist, is to connect with things that brought me joy as a child. Lately, that’s been singing in a choir and going skating outdoors! Both these things help me feel more connected to my body, my community, and my values.” 

~ Charlotte, Eli’s Place Peer Advisor 

In 2022, I focused on giving myself a break from my expectations. Acknowledging that I can’t do everything and be everything to everyone all the time. A small thing but it’s helping.

~ Erin, Eli’s Place Finance Committee Chair

2022 asked us to be resilient and steadfast, therefore reinforcing the need for support from others to help us on our individual journeys. We at Eli’s Place wish to express our gratitude for everyone on our team as well as for our community of supporters. We look forward to all that’s to come in 2023!

Eli’s Place will be a rural, residential treatment program for young adults with serious mental illness. To learn more about our mission and our proven-effective model click here.

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