The tremendous gap in care

There are no long-term residential treatment and recovery programs in Ontario for young adults with serious mental illness.

160,000 Ontarians face serious mental illness

For each young adult struggling to manage their illness, there are families desperately trying to find solutions and institutions scrambling to meet escalating needs. Our model will increase employment and education attainment. It will reduce crisis interventions, substance abuse and death by suicide.

1 in 24

Young adults have serious mental illness

Man Sitting on Street Distressed

Mental health problems are magnified for young adults

At a time of great developmental change, young adults facing the onset of mental illness are often alone, without the familiar support systems of family and school. The challenges can result in a ripple effect of crises dealt with in hospital emergency rooms and police interactions.

Presently only 6-8 week institutional treatment is available in Ontario. Rural residential treatment and recovery programs, offering long-term (6-months) therapeutic care with supported transition into the community, are not available in Ontario.

Without effective care we all lose

The loss of potential is devastating to families, communities and our society as whole. Unable to sustain relationships, meet employment expectations and thrive, young adults with serious mental illness fail to learn the skills to succeed on a personal level and to contribute to society. The human cost is incalculable.


The economic impact is enormous

While the human suffering is incalculable, the societal cost can be measured in the expenditures related to crisis care and lost productivity. The overall economic cost is estimated at $51 billion annually in Canada. The need to provide effective treatment is known. In fact, over 3 years, the government paid for 50 Ontarians to go to the US for long-term care. Sadly, without universal commitment to provide this care, thousands of young adults who would benefit lack access.

$51 Billion

Annual economic cost in Canada

The time is now

Our young adults and the families who love them deserve proven-effective therapeutic care. Modeled on existing facilities with successful and documented outcomes, Eli’s Place is necessary now more than ever. Let’s go beyond treating a few at great cost outside of Ontario to treating more close to home. Our analysis demonstrates that we can do so at a significant savings.
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Fill this gap in mental health care

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