Daily opportunity for growth

Structure combined with meaningful work, therapeutic community engagement, and connection to nature.

This powerful mix helps Eli’s Place guests gain the skills they need to live healthy, engaged lives while managing a serious mental illness.

Students, teachers and farmers on an educational, organic, working community farm.

Where everyone makes a meaningful contribution

While schedules and activities are adapted to be most helpful for the guest, generally speaking, the weekday structure is as outlined below and, weekends are less structured and often include off-site trips.

A typical day at Eli's Place

Communal breakfast

A communal breakfast for participants and staff is followed by a morning meeting for the work teams.

Work teams

The work teams then proceed to work programs including collecting eggs, working on walking trails, preparing for lunch, caring for farm animal, etc.

Before lunch

Before lunch there are wellness and group activities that promote fitness and exercise, nutrition and diet, mind body connections, recovery support and transition services. This is followed by a communal lunch.

After lunch

The work teams continue with the morning work program. The afternoon ends with some Team Time where the community gathers for tea and snacks to talk about the day and enjoy each other’s company. This is followed by a communal dinner.

Discussion groups & individual therapy

Music Therapy, Art Therapy, discussion groups, individual therapy, etc. occur throughout the day.

Evenings & weekends

Evenings include trips to the community centre for a swim or to the town library, relaxing in the living room with a book or board game, or broom ball on the frozen pond. Weekends are less structured and will often include off-campus trips to movies, local religious services and recreation.

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